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Makanda township annual town meeting

Townships all across Illinois will be conducting their Annual Town Meeting, which will be held on the second Tuesday of April, in each year.

The Annual Town Meeting provides voters of the township with the opportunity to participate directly in township government. In their role as "electors", registered voters can vote directly on township business. You can find this year's Annual Town meeting Agenda HERE.

Also, In the Annual Town Meeting, the Township Supervisor presents the Annual Financial Statement to the electors. A copy of the Supervisor's FY2022 Financial Statement can be found HERE. 

This year, Makanda Township will host the Town meeting on Tuesday April 12 at 7: 00 PM at Unity Point School Cafeteria

To find out more details on what happens in a Annual Town meeting and what are the Powers of the Electors, read THIS ARTICLE from Township Officials of Illinois. 

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