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Ten Principles of Holding Office

We adhere to the concept that it is our job as office holders and potential members of the Makanda Township Board to recognize, respect and honor an unwavering commitment to serve the people of the township to the best of our ability, and to not be in the office to serve ourselves and to further our own agenda.  The principles which will guide us are:

  1. Truthfulness – There are no alternate facts, there are facts and there is truth.

  2. Honesty – Rejecting the new norm of falsehood.

  3. Integrity - We expect of ourselves what our constituency expects of us.

  4. Transparency – Easy access to all records by all residents.

  5. Accountability – We serve all residents, and acknowledge and explain our decisions.

  6. Responsibility – Embrace the ideal that holding office is a responsibility, we are to listen, to discuss, to consider and to act.

  7. Fiscal Obligation – Understand that taxpayer money is to be used judiciously, wisely and within a budget.

  8. Lawful Activity – All activity is done within all applicable laws.

  9. Not Exceeding Authority – Never go beyond the law.

  10. Understanding Legal Duties – Know what is legally expected.

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