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Clerk Regina "Gina" Einig

Committed to Expecting Better for Makanda Township


Most people know me as Gina, though it's technically Regina Einig. My husband, Ray, and I grew up in the St. Louis area, raised our 3 kids in Fairview Heights, and then moved to Carbondale in 1983 and Makanda in 1990. We've both dedicated our lives to teaching. Ray retired from SIUC in 2004. I have taught everything from Pre-K through SIU students and staff, and still love teaching piano. I'm a loyal Saluki despite getting my bachelor's degree from Notre Dame College and an  MBA from SIUE.

As former owner of the Illinois Business and Technical School in Granite City and Alton, I developed strong business, record-keeping, and writing skills. I'm well-prepared to competently execute the responsibilities of Clerk for Makanda Township.  I do Expect Better for Makanda Township Government. 


Specifically, I promise to take accurate and, more importantly, complete, minutes of all Makanda Board meetings. I will bring Makanda into compliance with the Open Meetings Act and publish the minutes promptly as part of our promise to be transparent. I will make the existence of our General Assistance fund known to all residents. It can't help anyone if nobody knows it exists.


I believe in the power of Makanda Township local government. A healthy community is anchored in a spirit of collaboration, communication, and trust in its leadership. I care deeply about our township and promise to ensure that Makanda works in its citizens best interests. During these challenging times of isolation and uncertainty, I pledge to find innovative ways to connect with   the community, especially digitally. I appreciate your vote because, as Clerk, I will listen, learn, and lead, always remembering that we are all in this together. Thank you.


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