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Township Budgets

Section 80-60 of Chapter 60 of The Illinois Complied Statues states on Annual budget and appropriation ordinance that:

" The township board shall comply with the Illinois Municipal Budget Law. The township board must, at least 30 days before the public hearing required by Section 3 of the Illinois Municipal Budget Law, prepare or cause to be prepared a tentative budget and appropriation ordinance and file the ordinance with the township clerk.

The township clerk must make the tentative budget and appropriation ordinance available for public inspection for at least 30 days before final action on the ordinance. The required public hearing must be held on or before the last day of the first quarter of the fiscal year before the township board. Notice of the hearing must be given by publication in a newspaper published in the township at least 30 days before the time of the hearing. If there is no newspaper published in the township, notice of the public hearing may be given by posting notices in 5 of the most public places in the township. It is the duty of the township clerk to arrange for the public hearing.

The township board at the public hearing may adopt all or part of the tentative budget and appropriation ordinance, as the township board deems necessary."

Access this year's tentative budget HERE


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