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What Can I do to Help With This Campaign? 

The most important thing any Makanda Township resident can do is to make sure you vote on Election Day, Tuesday, April 6 or by Early Voting or Mail-In Voting starting Feb. 25.
Other ways to help this campaign are: 
  • Encourage all your family, friends neighbors and acquaintances, Democrat or Republican, to vote, and to vote for the entire Democratic slate of candidates
  • Networking through direct communication and social media
  • Learn about the candidates through this website, their experience and philosophy and what actions they believe is important that will make a difference into how local governance can impact our local community for the better. 
  • Help with future campaign tasks such as: letter writing,  phone canvasing, placement of road signs, election day reminder calling, getting any home-bound voters to a polling station and possible door to door placement of flyers.
  • Talk about Township issues, problems, opportunities and possibilities to help with Township governance and assistance.
Message Trustee Candidate Clay Kolar at or at (618)-201-8077  if you have questions. 
Impact The Community!


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