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Highway Commissioner Ed Hoke 

Ed's Accomplishments

When Ed was elected as Makanda Township Highway Commissioner, the township did not have tools or heavy equipment to call its own. Since then, Ed has made considerable progress in acquiring and/or leasing essential equipment for the Township's road maintenance, including:


  • A Stihl 11’ pole saw, sharpening tool, safety helmet and toolbox,

  • A Stihl weed eater & safety vests,

  • A John Deere tractor with loader lease for $9,100/year for mowing and other road tasks,

  • A used 10 ft bush hog Single batwing mower,

  • A storage shed lease for tractor storage,

  • A Wood's heavy duty 3-way hydraulic 8ft blade for tractor for $2,000, 

  • A 2015 Ford 350 Super duty dump truck with salt spreader and snowplow, 

  • "Workers Ahead" road safety signs.

Ed also:

  • Sold at salvage an old fire truck for $1,059,

  • Hired a part-time worker, who works on an as-needed basis, 

  • Dropped the Sheppard Lane case, which would have cost the Township between $25,000 to $40,000, 

  • Installed two "No outlet" signs on Riffle Range Rd and Potters Rd. east of Route 51. 

  • Installed a "T-road" sign on Boskydell Road, east of Wagon Wheel rd.

  • Replaced a 24" culvert that was lifted of Springer ridge Rd by heavy on February 2022.

Wagon Wheel Road Project

Ed Met with residents of Wagon Wheel Road to discuss:

-        Creating 6-7 pullouts so cars could pass each other without having to back up into a driveway,

-        Replacing culverts and doing extensive ditch work to get water drainage off the road surface,

-        Perform a speed study for a 25 MPH speed limit (which must be approved by the County Board,

-        Installing a “T” road sign identifying Wagon Wheel Road on East Boskydell east bound lanes.

These improvements to Wagon Wheel Rd.  are a work in progress.

If you need to talk to Ed about your township road, please contact him at (618) 525 4278

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